Rare Twin Foals Born at Vet Hospital

Twin Birth Occurrences Number One in Ten Thousand

Tom Johnston
Communications Services
Oklahoma State University
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Nichole Logan, left, 4th year veterinary student at OSU, and Dr. Vivian Duggan, equine resident, care for twin foals born to a 12-year-old Thoroughbred mare at the OSU Vet Med Teaching Hospital about 12:30 p.m. on Tuesday, March 25, 2003.  According to Dr. Reed Holyoak, staff theriogenologist, the chances of an equine twin birth are one in ten thousand and of those, in over 80 percent of the cases one or both is lost.  The larger of the two is a colt and seems to be agressively nursing.  The smaller is a filly and is presently being fed through a nasogastric tube.  Duggan said if the foals make it through the first 48-72 hours, their chances of survival may improve. Update as of 3/27/2003: The little filly died this morning. The colt continues to gain strength.

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