Noted OSU Scientist Approved as Vice President for Research & Tech Transfer

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Dr. Stephen McKeever
The Oklahoma State University A&M Board of Regents has approved the appointment of Dr. Stephen McKeever, associate dean for research in the OSU College of Arts and Sciences and Regents Professor of physics, as OSU-Stillwater‚s Vice President for Research and Technology Transfer.

„Dr. McKeever is respected internationally as a researcher, lecturer and teacher,š said Dr. David Schmidly, OSU System CEO and President. „His experience in planning, and his vision and leadership will help OSU continue its climb to national prominence in research and technology transfer.š

As vice president, McKeever will be responsible for planning, coordinating and promoting excellence for all of OSU‚s research programs. He will provide university-wide leadership in research and technology transfer and coordinate planning, policies, procedures and programming. He also will be responsible for increasing public and private financial support for OSU‚s research programs.

McKeever has received international acclaim for his research. He headed an OSU team that helped develop a new optical model for radiation monitoring devices that are now used worldwide. Much of his research involves thermoluminescence and optically-simulated luminescence to determine the radiation histories and chemical properties of materials.

One of his radiation-measuring devices was sent into space aboard the space shuttle Discovery in August 2001 to monitor radiation levels in space Ų an issue of critical importance to NASA and to astronauts who are staying in space for longer periods of time than in the past.
McKeever also is co-director of the Center for Space and Planetary Sciences, headquartered at the University of Arkansas. The center brings together UA and OSU researchers with unique strengths who can make fundamental advances in basic concepts that will have a major impact on the future planning and execution of solar system exploration.

He joined the OSU physics faculty in 1983 and attained the rank of associate professor in 1986. He was named a Noble Research Fellow in Optical Materials in 1987, and served as head of the department from 1995-99. McKeever was named the Most (More Oklahoma Science and Technology) Chair of Experimental Physics in 1999.

Among his numerous awards are the Burlington Northern Faculty Achievement Award, the OSU Eminent Faculty Award in 1999, the President‚s Service Award in 2000, and the Sigma Xi Lectureship Award in 2002. He was one of seven people in the world selected as a Risoe National Lab Fellow. Risoe is a national lab in Denmark, which recently established a system of „Fellows.š

He received his B.S. with honors in electronic engineering, his M.S. with distinction in materials science, and his Ph.D. in materials science, all from the University College of North Wales in the United Kingdom.

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