OSU Fee Waiver Facts

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1. 71% of OSUās tuition waivers went to Oklahoma students last year. The remaining 29% of the awards were used to attract outstanding out-of-state students.2. Over 90 % of the graduate students receiving out-of-state waivers are top students recruited nationally for teaching or research assistantships:In Physics, Dr. James Harmon directs seven research assistants with just under $18,000 in waivers to pursue a $3.6 million research program in biological and chemical sensors. Harmon and his team have grants from NASA, the Department of Defense, and the Memorial Institute for the Prevention of Terrorism.

Some of those bright students get bright ideas that turn into new companies in our state. Colin Cummings was one of those. After graduate work at OSU, he started a small company called Nomadics in 1994. Today, Nomadics partners with OSU in federal grants and in bringing university patents to the marketplace. Nomadics is the anchor tenant of the Oklahoma Technology Research Park in Stillwater and employs 65 scientists and engineers.

3. Last summer, even before the full impact of the stateās fiscal crisis was apparent, OSU made changes that will reduce tuition waivers by more than $1.5 million. OSU reduced the dollar value of an out-of-state waiver (non-residents with a waiver will now pay nearly $2,000 PLUS the full resident cost of attending OSU), raised the criteria to earn a waiver and increased the academic performance required to retain a waiver.

The Bottom Line

Non-resident fee waivers attract students who contribute millions of dollars in cash to the Oklahoma economy, improve the academic quality of the university, add millions of dollars of resources to the teaching and research mission of the institution and economic potential to the stateās future.

In other words, the waivers leverage state resources for increased benefits to Oklahoma.

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