January 3, 1919
Hancock, Maryland

My own little 'Cile,

We are stopping at a wide place in the road tonight, and there is not a thing to hinder me from writing a few lines to my woman. There isn't even a picture show in this burg, and only about 40 population, I think.

For this shot, Dad got in front of the convoy and snapped the trucks as they headed "over the top" of the mountains. If you look closely, you can see the snow chains on the rear tires.
The rain changed to snow yesterday evening when we were at Cumberland, and it snowed hard all night long. About 7 or 8 inches of snow today. We had a lovely time getting over here as some of the worst mountains were in today's drive. We have lost two days on our schedule, though, because the company ahead of us didn't get out of our way. That will put us into Holabird on or after the 6th. I am sure getting anxious to get there, for I feel sure I have lots of mail from my babe chick awaiting me there.

I spent New Year's day at Frostburg and one of the busiest little towns that I ever saw. We sure did have a swell time there, and to cap it off, Zeke and I got a room at the hotel and I guess we must have enjoyed the downy beds rather much, for we never woke up till 11 a.m. the next morning. The bunch had left with the trucks at 7. The C.O. was the only one that missed us, so he stayed in town and we rode in with him in the touring car. He is a regular fellow sure enough.

I sure wish you could have seen some of the beautiful scenery today. The mountains looked like great masses of soft white feathers or cotton, almost good enough to eat. And the pine trees are all bending, loaded with snow. They sure do look pretty. I think there were several pictures made today and I will proceed to send you some.

We stop tomorrow in Hagerstown, which is only 27 miles from here, so that will be a short drive for tomorrow. We may be there a day or two as we are supposed to get more orders there.

Well, sweetheart, I will ring off tonight and still rather expect to see you before so terribly long. God, but I do love the picture that keeps smiling at me while I write. So here's love and more love.

Always your man,

Charles L.

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