January 19, 1919
Camp Funston, Kansas

My own 'Cile,

I received your letter yesterday evening and it was sure time, believe me. I thought you had gone A.W.O.L.

You all will have me to contend with for good, and in a very few days. I went to the C.O. with my furlough for him to sign and he told me that I, rather we, were to be discharged this coming week, all but 20 and that I wasn't one of the unlucky ones. Say, I almost hugged the old devil to death. He said we might be out by Wednesday or Thursday and my first stop will be good old Cleveland. Believe me, that old burg will be filled with lazy goldbrickers when all us fellows get back. ha ha They started mustering the Sanitary Train out this afternoon. Mustered 75 out, I think.

Well, 'Cile dearie, I will conclude for this week and maybe next week's issue may bring something new and thrilling for a topic.

Yours with worlds of love,

Charles L.

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