June 2, 1918

My Own Lucille,
Will write you a couple of lines this evening while I am hiding from the boss. You see, they are getting pretty smart. They wait till we eat supper and then call us out to work an hour extra. They have never caught me but one time for I always have somewhere to go as soon as I have my chow.

I got your two letters yesterday and was sure somewhat relieved for I was real anxious as I hadn't a word for a solid week. I sure was glad for the picture too, and honey it sure did make me homesick for a minute, until I pinched myself and sort of gathered my thoughts.

Oh honey how I would like to have you with me once more. Sure wish you could come up the 4th, but guess it is useless to wish it. I have not asked for a furlough, and really don't think it would be good policy to ask just now. For several of the boys have got bawled out already. I think perhaps I will be transferred to another company one of these days, and then I am going to hit the Captain up for a few days home.

Talking of hot weather, we sure have had a scortcher today. This was our hard day, too. We were on review this afternoon.
This building was identified as E.H. No 16, M.O.T.C. Sect. D, Ft. Riley, Kansas
You see, review is where every company comes out on parade in full dress and equipped and goes through the drills in front of the big high up men. I think our company did as well as any of them and they have equipped us pretty good.

I don't think we will possibly be here over another month, if that long. I have had a few kodak pictures made, and as soon as they are finished, I will send them straight to my baby chick.

Say, honey, they are sure bringing in a wild bunch from the North. They don't like it here a bit, and there have been several run away. I saw one poor boob beating it for the woods the other day. He hadn't any hat or coat and was running for dear life. I think they caught him next day. Don't know what they gave him, though. We have a couple of fellows that refused their uniforms. You see, it was against some kind of religion of theirs, but they sent them to Leavenworth Prison for 25 years. There, they wear the striped uniforms with the stripes running wrong.

Well, sweetheart, it is so blooming hot, I am perspiring through my shirt and am about to spoil the letter, so I will close for tonight, hoping you all the happy dreams in the world.

Your very own lover,


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