June 6, 1918

My dear little sweetheart,

Have written you a couple of letters, but have not heard from you or any one else. They must be very slow distributing the mail here, for I know some of you have written before this.

I sat down last night after mess to write to you but before I got started, they called us a couple of miles out north to see some professional boxing and wrestling. I would rather have stayed here and written to you, but I did not want to be contrary, don't you see.

It is raining here this morning, but very easy, so I suppose we will have to drill today. They gave us all blue overalls and jumpers to put on this morning to save our khakis. They are trying to train us in half of the original training time, so don't worry if I don't write for two or three days, for they certainly are keeping us busy.

Does Wid still make his regular calls and love you as much as ever? Tell him to be sure and get exempt, for it sure would be bad for both of us that loved you to have to leave you. ha ha. Tell him the Army is not half so bad as he imagines. I like it rather more than I really expected, though it seems rather slow at times.

So far, I have never had a mark against me, but can't say how long it will be that way. The drills are not hard to learn, if you take interest and do your best.

Well, dearie, I will try to scratch a few more lines, if they let me alone a minute. We have been lined up for medical inspection, which comes twice a day. There goes the whistle again. So long.

Hello, dearie. I am back for dinner after 4 1/2 hours of hard drilling, and I am a little tired and dirty but in a very good humor. You know what a sweet disposition I possess anyway. ha.ha.

It stopped raining, and is a very nice day, cool and nice. The grass was pretty wet to roll and tumble in, but nevertheless, we did it. Now the bugle is blowing for mess call so I will close for now.

Am back from mess and feeling "full as a tick". Had some pretty good beef stew for dinner. Wish you were here with your Ford, so I wouldn't have to walk so darn much. I close with all the love in the world for you.

Only yours evermore,

Charles L.

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