June 7, 1918
Ft. Riley, Kansas

Dear Lucille,

Well, dear little girl of mine, I have only written to you once today and that is not hardly enough do you think? I have just had my supper and you know where I always go after I eat to beat working.
The inscription on the back of this picture says, "You can see that we look quite proud of ourselves, ha ha. This is one of a big bunch of noisy rookies as ever went into Camp. The fellow on the right end that has no pep doesn't belong to our bunch. Don't know how he came to get off alive for butting into our biz that way."
Well, when I am sitting around here (at the Y) I just can't keep this dear old pen still, and besides, I got a picture I wanted to send you. A group of mighty good looking soldiers. ha ha They are my chums all but the last one on the right of the line. I don't know him. They are left Jackson, Johnston, Graham, Smith, Nelson and Noname.

We are about the noisiest bunch in this old camp. What one has belongs to the bunch. When any fellow gets rough, we all take him down. ha ha

Well honey babe, this is about all I know to be safe in telling. ha ha. I will see you soon in another letter.

Your own boy always,

Charles L.

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