June 11, 1918
Ft. Riley, Kansas

My dear little honey girl,

As I have just had a pretty good feed, I feel in a pretty good humor to write. Believe me, it has sure been hot here today. I think it must be about as hot as that other place. ha. ha.

On the back of this picture Dad wrote, "This is a picture of one of the tents in my squad and exactly like it. They are boarded up about four feet and are awful hot when the sun is shining, but are nice at night."
I don't know how many checked in today, but the ambulance was pretty busy all day. They don't seem to know when to rest, and a lot of the boys never were out in the sun and they can't make the riff. I am hard boiled, myself. ha.ha. This is really a very beautiful camp. We haven't very much dust. The streets are about the same as paved, for they have crushed rock on most of them. There are lots of nice shade trees, and lots of autos and motorcycles. You can't hardly hear yourself think.

The Sergeant just came through the barracks asking if we had any relatives in camp, so I guess we will soon be put into companies and then transferred. I didn't claim kin to any for I was afraid they wanted to separate us all. Barney has gone over to the Y.M.C.A. to write, but I have tried that so much it disgusted me. They fight so over who writes next that I can write a letter while they argue.

Well dearest, I'm about out of paper, so I will close for tonight.

Ever your own lover,


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