June 25, 1918
Ft. Filey, Kansas

Dear 'Cile, the sweetest girl I ever knew,

Am feeling fine and foxy this evening, and will try to take revenge out on you. You should have been with me this afternoon. A bunch of us fellows went out for a little stroll. We strolled at the rate of 5 miles an hour for two hours and had all brought persperation to the surface when we got back. I started in front and came back the same way, so you see your old Shanghi can still strut a little, don't you think? That sounds pretty big, but I feel like taking one twice as long tonight. I think when I get my furlough home, I will walk for I know I will be in a hurry. ha ha.

I liked to have got in bad this evening. I started to swat a fly and just for fun, I stopped just before I hit it and saluted him, and then put out his lights. A fellow asked why I did that. I told him the fly wore a pair of leather leggings and had two bars on his collar. That is the identity a captain wears. Our Captain, who is pretty hard boiled, happened to be sitting near. He raised a little fuss but no one knew who said the naughty words. Your own felt himself slipping for a few seconds, though. Anything that you can get off with is alright in the Army, so our Lieutenant told us. He is a prince of a fellow.

I had a very jolly time Sunday, I don't think. It started raining early Sunday morning and rained all day hard. I had to walk guard from 4 until 6 and then was off 4 hours, worked for 2 hours and just stuck around four hours, until our 24 hours had gone by. We can't take off any clothes nor go to sleep that 24 hours. It is the only time I have ever failed going to bed since I have been working for my rich Uncle. The bed sure did seem fine last nite.

We are having some nice cool weather for working out now and I am in love with the whole thing. But wait, I will forget it all the instant the war is over. It is a good place, but I know a much better place for this chicken.

Well sweetheart, it is getting very late to be writing, so I will stop this line of B. and kiss you a fond goodnite and dream of my own sweet girl until 5 bells tomorrow morning. Answer often for they are new life to your own.

Your very own,

Charles L.

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