Sunday, July 7, 1918
Ft. Riley, Kansas

My Dear 'Cile,

I have just simply not done a thing but sleep and eat, this whole day long. I mean with the exception of wishing I was home with you to help me pass away the time. It has been so nice and cool today that even the lousy flies are resting and we don't have to swat them.

I was to a good picture show last night. Wish you would have been there to help me laugh. Keystone Comedy and another real good picture. You see it is so close to my home that I can stay until 3 minutes till 10 and then be on my bunk in time. Our Company is on camp fatigue today, but I gave the Sergeant a cigar and got exempt from that. ha ha I will just about be on K.P next Sunday I suppose, for I have been so lucky so far. The last fellow called was named Jackson and my name comes about next on the roll call, you see. We get it in rotation. 4 days each. I haven't had it since I came in this Company.

One of our boys was shipped for overseas this morning. He will join a Company that left here 4 days ago in N.Y. We have a pretty good chance to transfer to most anywhere we wish just now, but I hardly know what part of the medical branch I prefer. Think I will stay where I am for a few days at least, till I make up my mind. I don't like the idea of going so far away till after I come home once. We soldiers get cut rates on our furloughs now, but it would take me so long to get there. Now, I can be home in a little less than 14 hours. That seems pretty close, don't it sweetheart? I am intending to be home for the State Fair anyway and I just must have a 10 day leave or I will sure be peeved at our Major General. He is a pretty nice sort of old fellow. When he's asleep. (Editor's Note: He's speaking here of Major General Leonard Wood. It was probably just as well the General didn't see this letter.)

Well sweet chicken, I can't say a thing new, so I will do the vanishing act for this day. With the same everlasting old time love I am

Your very own,


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