Sunday morning,
July 14, 1918
Ft. Riley, Kansas

My Dear 'Cile,

I have been pretty busy dear, or you would have heard from me sooner. I don't expect to be home for quite a spell yet. It is not customary to give furloughs to men until they have been in Camp at least three months. I think I will rush the season if I think there is a chance. I don't think now that I will be transfered with the bunch unless I make a fuss about it. I will stand a better chance of making good by staying here though I sure do hate to think of parting with the bunch for I have some good friends.

We all had a fine horseback ride the other day, and had to ride several different ways. You see, we were on trained horses and had to drill just the same as if we were on foot. The horses seem to understand the commands almost as good as the men and it takes very little guiding to put them on the right way. We also have to ride without stirrups at all different gaits and my horse didn't have any medals for being an easy saddler, consequently I am pretty sore. ha ha

Now honey you must write me often for I half way live on those letters from you. Give the folks my best and keep enough love for yourself.

Your man,


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