Thursday, July 25, 1918
Ft. Rilty, Kansas

My Dear 'Cile,

As I did not get to write to my sweet little chicken last evening, will scribble a very few lines now. We had to attend a big lecture and picture show last night, so that is my reason. They took us over in Company front so your "man" had to be sticking along.

Well honey, they are splitting up our Company today, but I don't think that I will go with them this time. Only about 20 men were moved so far. I saw Mart Smith a while ago. He said he had a letter from home that a lot more of the boys had left the last few days. I don't think Uncle Sam will have any use for all of those at home, for he sure has a great gob of them here. More coming in every day now.

There were 4,000 rookies up to the lecture last night. They brought in another boy today that refused to put on a uniform. He is some kind of Dutch, I think. He hadn't a button on his clothes anywhere. Just hooks and eyes. He had a heavy beard all over his face about three inches long, and he wouldn't talk at all though he had a very bright look in his eyes. I think it was something about his religion. But he wants to forget about that stuff when he comes to the Army though I do feel sorry for him.

Well honey babe, I can't think of much news this evening, so I will bring this to a sudden halt with the promise that tomorrow, if it is possible at all, that I will write you a whole lot more than this, even if I have to make part of it up. Now I will love you up tight and kiss you a million times as usual and say good night until another day (most likely tomorrow.)

Your own for life,

Charles L.

P.S. How's this? I had your letter all sealed up and addressed it Mrs. So had to destroy the envelope. ha ha The day will come that I won't have to do such a trick again.


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