Saturday, July 27, 1918
Ft. Riley, Kansas

My Dear 'Cile,

Didn't get to write my own a letter last evening, so am going to try a little one this evening, though actually it is so hot in here that the sweat is running in a stream off my ugly mug.

I sure wish that you could have been along with me last evening. I laughed until my sides still ache today. I was to the Barnum & Bailey Circus and the clowns almost got me down. I have seen lots of good stunts, but they had them all beat. Everything seemed so funny to me, and if you had been along, I know we would have taken the place. There must have been 5 or 6 thousand soldiers there, besides lots of civilians.

I don't mind the hikes the least bit any more, and we have them pretty regularly. I think I will miss them awfully when I come home. ha ha Honey, I wish you were here tonight to chase the little "blue devils" away, for I hate to be in Camp on Saturday night and all the other boys gone to the city. It makes me have the wearies a little bit indeed. I had to stick around tonight and watch the office while the clerk and the rest of the office men went to town. I have to stick around pretty close now though, for I am the guy that kicks the fellows out in the morning and lines them up at night and calls roll. I would like to wish the job onto someone else, but I was the oldest one that wasn't transferred, so must take the job.

We signed the dear old payroll again, today. So I guess I will soon be a rich man again. Think I will start a 1st National Bank. I may have to send part of it home and let you keep it in your sock for safe keeping. ha ha The guys are getting a little hard boiled of late. You can't leave anything in sight or it may disappear and you are just a loser. The Captain caught a fellow with a "disappeared" pair of trousers this morning. Expect it will go pretty hard with him.

I still have no hopes of being moved, though I had rather be here than anywhere other than on the coast at New Jersey or New York. I am about as close to home here as I could be.

Well honey babe, It is just about time to close this dump up and hit the tick, so I will see you again by mail tomorrow perhaps.

Always yours,

Charles L.

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