July 28, 1918
Ft. Riley, Kansas

My own dear 'Cile,

Well honey, this is one Sunday that has been very lonesome and long, for some reason. Because I haven't been doing anything, I guess. I have hardly been out of the barracks since morning. I took the bunch for a little run this morning. We ran a mile and back before breakfast.

Did a dirty old washing this afternoon, and got it all dirty again before it was dry. It came up one of the fiercest sand and dust storms I ever saw. The clouds of dust were so thick you couldn't see across the street. Came into our house so bad that our beds were covered with dirt 1/4 inch.

It is raining to beat the band right now. Reminds me of some of those evenings we spent at home. I sure feel sorry for the poor old boys on guard tonight. Tomorrow evening, our Company goes on guard, but I will not be on tomorrow as I shall be in charge of quarters, a very soft job for the old man. ha ha

We had good eats today, with cake, cream and most everything you could think of for Sunday dinner. Though through the week anymore, we have meatless and wheatless meals. But not as many as you have there, I guess.

Well honey, I just wrote 2 letters for a boy a while ago. He is in our Company, but looks like as bright as can be though he can't read or write any. They were pretty much love letters, too. But I sure did fix them up some keen. I forgot on the last page of one of them and put my own name, so had to write it all over again. ha ha

I sure fixed up that letter I was telling you about the other night. The fellow was a Russian and couldn't write any English at all. He had a long letter from a girl here in Kansas with lots of questions which he didn't know what it meant at all. He wants to go see her but has got in bad somehow and is restricted to Camp for 2 months, so I had to make excuses for him. I am off of letter writing for other people. Think I do well to answer my own letters. If I were a girl, I wouldn't like that second handed love, would you?

Another bunch have been transferred, but I am still here. They go to Pennsylvania. Don't want to go there, anyway.

Well chicken, I will have to quit for lack of news to write. You may hear from me tomorrow. You can never tell.

Yours truly,

Charles L.

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