Tuesday, July 30, 1918
Ft. Riley, Kansas

Dear 'Cile,

I have been out horseback riding all afternoon and am sure sore. Can't hardly sit down to write. ha ha You see the Army saddles are very small, like racing saddles. And the horses are not like rocking chairs.

I haven't been busy today at all, as I am up for transfer. It was all a suprise to me. The Captain just told me this morning that I was to be transferred right away. That was all I could find out, as he gets all his orders from Washington D. C. I may go to a shipping point for overseas, and I may go anywhere else. Suppose he will take me away from my old gang. Nearly everybody in the Company (at least 2/3) are moved but nearly all to different Companies. I just noticed in the Pawnee paper that 129 of the Pawnee County boys were called last week.

Would love to come home before I leave for parts unknown, but there is no chance for a while. At least till I move, I guess. Well sweetheart, I haven't any news to write, so will close with what I have written. Give the folks all my regards and keep a heap of true blue love of mine for your own self.

Ever yours,

Charles L.

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