August 7, 1918
Camp Funston, Kansas

My Dear Lucille,

I am liking my new home better every day. Think I will stay for awhile. We are having a picnic of a time the last day or so. Haven't hardly a thing to do. Just drilled for a while this morning and took a three mile hike this afternoon. Some day's work, eh? You see, we are all fixed up and waiting for the new bunch to come in. They should be here tomorrow or the next day, then the work begins.

Say honey, I wish you were here to see the gang as they go out to drill of a morning. This morning we were up on a hill about 1/2 mile from camp, taking our early morning exercises, and the infantry passed us on the way to the drill fields. There was one line of Negroes on one side of us and one of White men on the other. They marched four abreast and they were almost an hour passing us. It was the largest bunch that I have ever seen all together. They carried rifles in the same position and had their bayonets shining bright. Was sure some sight to me.

Maybe in about one more month, if we are still on this side, I can talk our Captain into leaving me have a vacation. Well sweetheart chick, I will close for tonight for this is all of my paper. Answer soon and tell me where and how you are.


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