August 20, 1918
Camp Funston, Kansas

My Own Sweet 'Cile,

Have only about 20 minutes left tonight to love you by letter but will do my best in that short while.

Every boy in my Company knows your handwriting and when I don't hear from you and have some more letters, they say "d---" the luck, she didn't think of us today." Sometimes they try to fool me when you do write, then I sure do cuss them out.
From his letters, you get the feeling that the guys in Dad's company were really like family.

The Captain had a little chat with us yesterday, and he said that there was absolutely no chance for any of us to get a pass home unless it was really necessary. So you had better play bad sick and send for me at once. ha ha I think the old boy was just trying to discourage us so we wouldn't ask for one. But he is almost sure to get fooled by me for if I don't change my mind, I must have one pass home next month if we are here. For I have been away from my chicken just about as long as I can stand it. For when I go to Siberia, I may be a long time gone. They have already picked out a bunch of men to send ahead to fix up our camp for us. They are the ones that didn't pass the exam with us. I had a letter from Mr. Gilbert. He advised me to come home and find out what was keeping you away so long. Says he is beginning to get jealous himself. He seems to be my only regular correspondent and a good kid at that. ha ha He is old but I guess he has young ideas (when his wife is away, at least). I bet I am older in my ways and truer to my woman than he has been the last 3 months, how's that? I sure can't be ashamed of a thing I have done since I have been here.

Well sweetheart, I have to stop for now as the lights are just ready to fade away for tonight. Give my best to all and keep the real love, worlds of it, for the sweetest little girl in all the world, yourself. And don't forget the one man that is always thinking of you and loving you forever and a day.

Your own man forever,

Charles L.

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