August 22, 1918
Camp Funston, Kansas

My own 'Cile,

Will scribble you a page or two tonight. It is raining to beat the band now so I can't go to the Y. Am writing this on my knee, so excuse the looks. The way things look, I will have to hunt a dry place to sleep tonight, for the roof is leaking just above my bunk. Will make one of the bunch double up with me tonight. This is the very kind of a night, honey, that we used to set up so late, and I still get lonesome every rainy night.

Wish you could be here to hear some of our music. We have some of the best singers in the country in this Company and we are making up to hire a piano. We have two professional players. Over in the other side of the house are two bunches playing cards. And on another bed is a dice game. Some home. The orders here are to let no man leave camp, except in case of bad sickness or death. Don't know what kind of a stall I can work. I have my mind made up to see you honey, before I am shipped to foreign parts.

We are having a lot of drill now, as Major General Wood, who has full charge of the 10th Sanitary Train, will review us Saturday morning and we are sure preparing for the occasion. The water was all gone from today noon till 4:30 this afternoon and we were balling the jack almost every minute of the time. Those new boys were sure squalling. Thought they would die of thirst. I guess the water supply here is running real low, for it's shut off a lot of the time and was pretty dirty the last week.

We had an old time square dance up here last night. All bucks. And talk about having fun, oh joy. We have a good fiddler in the Company also. So you see, when you kids at home can't have any more fun and no place else to go, join the Army. It's the only life. ha ha Well my honey babe, this is my last sheet of paper, so I will close the chat for now. Skads of love always.

Yours forever,

Charles L.

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