Friday, August 23, 1918
Camp Funston, Kansas

Sweetheart 'Cile,

Well, chicken, I have just gotten in from the drill field, and am a little sweaty and hot, but feel fine and dandy. It has been raining a little all afternoon. The bunch are very busy right now signing the payroll. They are sure there when it comes to that, but are very slow at work, naturally. I have almost yelled my lungs up this afternoon, and they seem to get worse all the time. You see, when they don't step with me, they are all out of step. ha ha

I am sure having some time trying to write now. The boys are back and shaking my bunk, and singing and talking just to bother me. I have promised to go down to the Zone, or business part of Funston, to a show this evening. Wish you were here to go along, honey, though there aren't many women go to the shows here. ha ha

A boy just now came in that has been home for 10 days, and he sure looks all in. I think he must have come back by way of Kansas City and tried to step about a little. His eyes look rather large, his breath bad, and he has a tired walk. Those are pretty bad symptoms, eh?

Well honey, it's time that I am cleaning up for retreat. I will write and tell you all I know every few days. Give all the folks lots of good wishes for me and never forget for a minute that I am thinking of you, dear.

Yours now and always,

Charles L.

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