Saturday night, August 24, 1918
Camp Funston, Kansas

My own sweet 'Cile,

This is Saturday night and I would sure love to be with the only girl in the world as far as I'm concerned. Most all of the boys are in town tonight, but I didn't feel like I wanted to go for some reason or other. Maybe I was just a bit blue today. You know I always did have those funny grouchy spells at times. They all leave me alone when I feel like that, too. ha ha

Dad, on the right end, and five of his buddies dressed for parade review.
I am a bit tired tonight, too, as we were pulled out at 4:30 this morning to be ready for the big doings. We marched about 4 miles out to a large level hilltop where the reviewing stand was located, and the 10th Division's approximately 40,000 troops were marched by the General in some sweet formation. Sure do wish my chicken could have been here to see it. Was beautiful for a fact. It took about two hours to pass the whole bunch by the stand at a very rapid pace (120 steps per minute). Looks like we ought to whip the Germans if we all get there.

We had three sandwiches apiece to keep our stomachs from getting homesick. Didn't have any water till we got in at 3 p.m. Us old boys are some camels when it comes to going without water. The weather is much cooler here now since the rain. Wasn't bad walking this evening, though the mud was half-knee deep on the way out to review this morning. I think I can sleep real nicely under a couple of blankets tonight.

Well my little sweetheart, the lights are now out and I am going to finish by moonlight, for I can't be bothered by no lights. But I can't see to keep on the lines, so guess I will bring this to a focus. Would sure love to kiss my chicken goodnight again. Will write you more soon and tell you all the news I can get from here.

Forever your own man,

Charles L.

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