Friday, August 30, 1918
Camp Funston, Kansas

My Dearest Lucille,

It has begun to get cool, up here the last night and today. And will be cooler than the dickens tonight. I am going to put up a howl for more clothes and covers pretty suddenly. They tell us that we will be issued our O.D. clothes in a few days. That is all woolen clothes. We won't be allowed a stitch of cotton. I do really think I will get to come home before I have to go over, though. The C.O. told us this evening that the Company had to be ready for embarkation in three weeks from today. That is not to say that we will leave that soon, only that we must be ready. I expect to be here for a month and a half at least.

When we move, we go to California. You know that is our future home. I will know then if we will locate there later. From there we will go to Hawaii and from there to Phillipines and on by Japan to Siberia (maybe someday). That sure will be a wonderful trip if they only take us that route? When I come home, I will tell my little woman a lot that I have seen and make up more than I imagined. ha ha

I am getting a lot of practice at that stuff, anyway, for we boys just lay around of an afternoon and see who can tell the largest ones. Sometimes this kind of stuff looks awful foolish to me. But on second thought, I know that 4 or 5 million are in the same boat.

Wish I could love my sweetheart for 4 or 5 hours tonight for I sure do love you more every minute I live. So good night to my only woman. Sweet dreams to you.

Yours always,

Charles L.

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