Wednesday, September 25, 1918
Camp Funston, Kansas

My Dear 'Cile,

We are having some very bad rainy weather up here. Is raining slowly tonight. Think it is figuring on coming another cold spell like we had a week ago tomorrow. We have another hike tomorrow but I am lucky enough to miss it this time. You see, I am a very busy man (bull). I attend a school for gas instructors all day long, so you see that your man may be pretty "gassy" when he comes home, but will not be gassed. Don't know how long I will have it soft like this, but will have to instruct whenever I learn it.

There are thirty or forty from the 10th Division who are taking the schooling. I also go to school at night, so that accounts for me not writing any oftener. Will make you tired to death of letters, though, when I get finished with this other stuff, which should be pretty soon. Tis about bedtime, so I have to make it "snappy." That is the commonest word that a soldier uses. It means to put lots of pep into everything you do.

I have had a couple of letters lately from two of my cousins that I have never seen. A Trower from Missouri and a Johnston from Minnesota. And I almost have to play fair and write to them, but I don't know what the devil and how the devil to write. If I had ever seen them I could do very well. One is a school teacher. The other a vaudeville singer-worse yet. So you see I need you for a stenographer.

Well honey, I must ring off for tonight, as it's 3 minutes till lights out. More love than ever to my own dear woman.


Charles L.

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