Sunday, September 29, 1918
Camp Funston, Kansas

Dear 'Cile,

I haven't heard from you for a month of Sundays, but just can't wait till I hear from you every time before I write. This has been a very long day indeed to me, for we are quarantined in for the time being. Have been for two days. We are held up because "influenza," or some such a name, is in camp. It is some such a thing as pneumonia, and they seem to think it is pretty bad. It is at least bad enough to beat us out of our passes. For our commander promised us every one a very short pass home before the 15th of next month. But as there are so many cases of the disease in camp now, I expect to make my home in Funston for some time. He says that we may all go home before we leave here, for a short pass.

I have gotten done with my gas school at last and taken a little bit of every kind of gas. So Monday morning, I start giving the rest of the boys a few pointers. I am just rearing to get started at anything new, for the program sure was getting old to me. Well honey, they are serving supper now, so I guess I will close the noise and go look the menu over. Oodles of love.

Yours always,

Charles L.

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