October 12, 1918
Camp Funston, Kansas

Dearest 'Cile,

Here I am still here yet, and feeling like a three year old. I guess old fluzy hasn't a thing on me. Our sick boys are coming along fairly good. We sent some (over 40 of them) back to their company this evening. We also sent about half a dozen to the base with pneumonia.

The trouble with them is, they won't stay in bed as much as they should, and it's hard to watch them all at once. I never did know that a sick person was so much trouble before. ha ha I think we will have this place empty by Sunday. Then it will be something else to do I suppose. Almost as bad as a woman's work--never done.

We hear all kinds of latrine talk every day now as to where we are going to move from here. And when. Sure is lots of fun to start a lie of some kind and see how quick it is in circulation. The last three days, I guess we have been scheduled to every camp in the U.S. and a few outside. Yesterday we were to go to Detroit, Michigan and get our new motors and ship to Hoboken, N.J. But today, we changed the plans. We will start for Camp Kerney, Colorado on the 15th of this month. ha ha How's that listen when half of our men are in the base hospital?

We got some big wool socks, wristlets, and helmets today, so let old man winter come ahead. I sleep with my sweater on most of the time. Guess I will have to sleep with my helmet on too as the flies almost torment me to death. I just presented one of my patients with a deliciously large dose of salts. I told him I had some good hot lemonade and you should have seen him nab it. They are awful hard to wake up when they know you have medicine for them. I put a thermometer in a big fellow's mouth the other night and he went to sleep and bit the thing off, and I guess swallowed the mercury, for I couldn't find it. Must have been what he needed, for we turned him free tonight.

Things are pretty quiet tonight. I think I will take an empty bunk and saw me off a little snooze after while. The dry nurses are all out to the cook tent shooting craps. The Captain is in the game, too, and the M.P. is watching. Some lineup, eh? Every time a motorcycle comes along, they all hide for fear it's the officer of the day (O.D.). They would be liable to be courtmartialed if he caught them. That's what makes it fun, I guess.

Well little sweetheart, I will say goodnight till another night. Give all the home folks my regards and a heap of big love to you, honey girl.


Charles L.

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