October 25, 1918
Camp Funston, Kansas

My own dear Lucille,

I have just got to talk to my dear little chicken a minute or so before I hit my bunk for the night. It's almost bedtime already and we have been quite busy all day long. Drilled most all day and just got in from a hike with the gasmasks on. They are sure some nasty feeling thing to have to wear, but I am one dude that can sleep with mine on if I think there is any of that darned gas around.

It is raining to beat the band now, and just one of those ideal nights for us to sit up and love and quarrel and turn the clock back about two times and tell Mother Farris that it's not very late and then try to slip out the rear door without the screen door squeaking loud enough to wake everybody else up. Sounds pretty good and funny don't it?

Well honey, we have all our winter clothes now, and all wool. Enough clothes to keep an eskimo warm. Got the full equipment issued today. I have some of the cutest little hobnailed shoes with light soles, about 3/4 inch thick and 3 kegs of nails in the soles of each. I have shined them up till they look like patent leather. Can you imagine me? Ha ha. Am as fussy about my clothes as any old maid ever was. I have combed and brushed my hair till it is about all gone, and they told us tonight that we had to have it cut awful short, so guess I will have to get rid of those beutiful yellow locks of mine.

Well, sweetheart, I haven't had a letter for about three days now, and if I don't get one from you tomorrow, I will look for one by wireless.

I don't know any more than before as to when we leave. They are looking for the word any day after tomorrow, and seem most certain that we leave in a very few days. I am sure anxious, for it can't be worse than this place, for every other camp is at some city where a fellow can see something other than soldiers and army. It may take me away from my woman for a while, but I am sure coming back and get my own chick as soon as the fuss is over. Must close for tonight, but don't forget my number--Serial 979833--or

Charles L. Johnston, U.S.A. Oodles of love.

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