November 11, 1918
Frederick, Maryland

My own little sweetheart,

I am getting nearly to my destination and haven't written you a letter for a coon's age. We get to Baltimore tomorrow evening, so I want you to have a big long sweet letter composed and all ready to send me, for I am sure in need of one.

I suppose you have been having one big time tonight. They have been simply wild here. I never heard so much noise in all my life. They aren't any gladder than I am that the fighting has stopped. We have been traveling through the mountains for the last three days and I have seen lots of pretty places. We crossed the Allegeny Mountains and the Blue Ridge Mountains and also several other smaller groups. We have stopped in awfully nice places always and the people have sure showed us a swell time. I have been taken out for supper and to spend the evening several times. We joined into the big parade here tonight and marched over the city till the world looked level. After that, I loaded into a truck with about 50 already in, and we sure did raise the very devil.

We did almost as bad at Wheeling, W. Virginia last Thursday evening. They got the report of the war being over and everything was closed until several hours later they got word that it was a false alarm. I don't know what they are going to do with us when we get into Baltimore. I don't hardly think they will send us over right away, and more than likely never. And if we don't go over, I am certainly going to see you before a great while longer.

We had a swell feed tonight up here at the Armory where we are staying. I think every woman and girl in town brought a pie or cake and I sure did get my share, too. This is a pretty large place. About like Tulsa, I judge. Only this is a great college town and there are about a million girls here going to college. It's awfully funny to hear these people talk, for they say things so awful funny to what I have ever been used to.

We drove pretty hard from Cumberland to Hagertown with mountains all the way, and through the Cumberland pass. Have seen some real historical places on our way. Have been taking in everything that I could see, too. We may be sent back after more trucks, but if we do, I will have you write me letters on ahead, for we will know just what places we will hit next time.

Well, my honey girl, I had best give you a goodnight hug and kiss and close my eyes for awhile, for I haven't got any too much sleep lately. Will write tomorrow night if we get in on time. Lots and gobs of true blue love.

Yours always,

Charles L.

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