December 1, 1918
Camp Holabird, Maryland

My Dearest 'Cile,

Just arrived in this place about an hour ago, and it was so darned cold in our tents that I just slipped off before supper and came over to the "Y" where I could warm up and talk a bit to the bestest girl in all the world, all at the same time.

Dad, right, got his fill of snow while with the Motor Convoy Service.
It has only snowed a little one time and sleeted to beat the band the other morning. It stays pretty cold, freezing a good part of the time. I am sure hoping that we won't keep this moving about the winter long. Our C.O. says that we have another trip to make at least and maybe more. They may change their minds, now that we scratched up a few of the trucks quite a bit. Two of them bumped and tore up the radiators and just before we got here, one of them ran off a little culvert and tore it all to pieces. They may think we are an expensive company.

Well sweetheart, it's just five minutes till supper time so I will quit and write more tomorrow if we stay here, which I suppose we will for a while. It's getting colder here every minute. May be snowed under by morning. They say it snows real ones here. I'd much rather be there with my feet up beside yours in front of the kitchen stove door. You see, I wouldn't take anything for what I've seen and again I wouldn't give a darn to see any more of this part especially. Must say goodnight and hike over and get some slumgullion before they gobble it all up from me. Am sending enough kisses to smother you to death and a hug alone that would make you pop.

Your man always,

Charles L.

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