December 5, 1918
Columbus, Ohio

Hello 'Cile,

How are you. I am quite right, myself, and making the rest of the bunch as miserable as I know how. We had some (train) ride all day yesterday and nearly all night on the roughest road you ever saw. There was absolutely no chance for a fellow to sleep or even rest, for when it would have been possible to grab a few minutes, some of the gang would give a yell and then everyone with their eyes shut was dragged out into the aisle and trampled a bit. When we got into the Allegheny Mountains, it was snowing and the mountains were perfectly white. Every time the train stopped, we would get off and snowball.

We got into Columbus about 3 a.m. I think and stayed in the train till after daylight. I roused the bunch a little rough, for there were about five of them sleeping across my legs, which I had extended over 3 or 4 seats. I felt as though I had been through a very severe battle. Well, it hasn't snowed scarcely any here but has been raining a bit today. I am hoping it will snow so darned hard that another trip to Baltimore will be simply impossible. I have seen so many boys on their way home on either indefinite furlough or releases that another trip would make me very angry (for a moment at least) ha ha

There are 3 companies here besides our own and they seem to have a hunch that we come back to Funston. Our C.O. says he doesn't know a thing about where we go, so there you are until we get further orders. If we get discharged, it may be from right here as well as any other place. I think I could find my way home about as quick as anybody.

I don't know, but don't believe that I am quite as fat as I was, though I still do justice to those beans and "dogs" and "biled taters" as that's about all we seem to get any more. You see, right after payday, we live fine and dandy for about a week. Then funds generally begin to grow quite low, so we cut out eating out so much and keep up the shows. We (Zeke Graham and me) haven't eaten at the hotel or cafe now for about two weeks and I think have taken in just about our last show this afternoon, till the ghost walks again, which should be any time now.

Well 'Cile, I will ring off for tonight and call you up again. I might miss beans if I stay here too awful long. The same big love to my little woman.

Charles L.

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