December 17, 1918
Columbus, Ohio

Good morning my dear,

This is one of the finest, largest, sunshiniest mornings that I ever saw. It really makes me a bit ashamed of my laziness, but, as there is nothing to do, there is no chance for relief. Our C.O. just took the bunch up to the theater to see "The Law of the North" but I, having already taken it in a couple of times, managed to slip away to over here where I can have a few words in the unknown tongue to you, dearie.

As far as we know now, we will have to make another trip across country, and possibly many of them as there are thousands of trucks in the government's new order that have to be moved to the coast. The snow is a couple of feet deep now up in the mountains, so one of the companies that came in today said. Will be some joyride if we go.

I forgot all my troubles for a while yesterday. I went to the dentist with my toothache and oh boy, he sure did make me grip the chair arm and sweat when he put his little buzzhickey to work on that sore jaw. But I rested much better last night than I had for several nights past.

There is one thing more, concerning the holiday shopping of Ambulance Company 239, which will be light, indeed, as they haven't seen the ghost walk since October. So there. I will have some big stories to tell you about our hardships the last month in particular. It's real funny.

Well, my dearie, I will close the book today with lots of real love to you.

Always and ever yours,

Charles L.

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