December 21, 1918
Crown Point, Indiana

My dear little girl,

This is the awfulest, wettest weather you ever saw. It has been busy raining for three days now, but that doesn't bother us very much for the roads are all gravel. This is a pretty small place but is a very pretty little place. Some of the finest country that I have ever seen, and the houses and barns are real mansions. I would have liked to have gone over to Chicago, as this is barely 40 miles from there, and I don't look to ever be that close again, though you can never tell.
Modern convenience was appreciated by the convoy drivers. Dad, fourth from left, said, "Rain doesn't bother us very much for the roads are all gravel."(See historical footnote.)

I guess I didn't tell you about meeting one of my old acquaintances the day we left Columbus. Well, I did, and she happened to be a gasoline car with Cleveland, Okla. painted all over her side. Say, that sure did make me feel good to see someone that I knew again. I really think that the car was almost as glad as I was, for she seemed to be rather lonely too, right in the middle of a train of strange cars. We chatted for a few minutes and then she had to leave. Toward the west, I think. She must have been going home for Christmas. I almost got homesick!

I wonder what my sweet woman is doing tonight. Would still give my interest in hog heaven to be there, but there will be no furloughs while we are in this service for anyone. The boys who were stationed at Valparaiso barracks of the Convoy Service, but were never assigned to a company, are all getting out of service, discharged, now that we have taken the trucks off their hands. Makes us guys pretty sore when they pull their little pieces of paper of which they seem so proud, and give us the laugh. But we should worry. For we are having a good time and plenty to eat and sleeping our heads off, so what can a fellow expect. ha ha

We are sleeping tonight at the Courthouse, the largest building in town. We have the kitchen outfit set up in a vacant building in the next square. They are going to give a dance for us also tonight and the picture shows are all free to the fellows that don't care to dance. Guess Zeke and I will take in both places while it's cheap. ha ha

Well sweetheart babe, I must call this off and see what is going on in this burg. You see, I don't want to miss a thing. But never fear, for I guess I can catch up with my kissing when I DO come home, for God knows I am way behind and have one awful bunch saved up for you, honey. So I will just keep on saving them till I come back.

Yours ever,

Charles L.

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