December 30, 1918
Wheeling, West Virginia

My own dear sweetheart,

How is my little woman by this time? I was fooled again at Cambridge, for I was rather expecting a letter from my chicken. Guess I will have to wait until I get to Holabird now before I hear from a soul. This has been a beautiful, sunshiney day. The first one since we have been on the trip and the snow has sure melted fast. Nearly all gone around here. We ran most of the day with our chains on, though, as we had some pretty steep country. I almost got my liver upset from the jolting of that measly old truck.

I broke a part of my shifting device just before we got in here this evening, and may be held behind the rest for a day getting fixed up again. But then I'll have a clean road all to myself.

Well, sweetheart, I absolutely think this will be our last trip through and that we will be returned to camp early in January. Then it won't be very long before I will be back home again with you, honey, and the rest of God's people. And if ever one of my kids says that he would like to join the Army, off comes his head.

Well honey, it only lacks one more day to being the New Year again and we will have to be so far away from one another. I can imagine, though, next year of our cozy little nest for two (maybe more) and can't hardly wait.

Well, sweet kid, they just announced that we were to get out of the hay at 4:30 so I will give up the skip and do a little of the rest stuff.

Worlds of love from your man,

Charles L.

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