Dad mailed mother the date he would be coming in to Cleveland, Oklahoma on the train. She told the story like this:

"Charlie's train was supposed to be in at 11 a.m. and Papa was away with the car, working on a well. I had asked a neighbor to run me into town. On the way in, we passed a car going the other way. When we were about even with it, I saw it was Charlie. His train had come in early, and he had borrowed a car to come out and see me. I yelled, "Stop! That was Charlie!." The neighbor abruptly pulled the car to a stop. Charlie had seen me at the same time and stopped, also. The cars were about 100 feet apart and he got out and started running toward me and I started running toward him and we met in the middle of the road and he picked me up in the air and swung me round and round and about squeezed me in two. I guess our neighbor decided I had a ride home, because she drove on."
They were married July 3, 1919 at Pawnee, Oklahoma. He was 24 years old. She was 17.

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