Life at Camp Funston

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6-2-18. In this letter, Dad describes the life at Ft. Riley and witnesses an attempted desertion. Includes a photo of a Ft. Riley building.

6-6-18. Dad outlines a typical day at Ft. Riley. Mentions the Army is trying to train Dad's unit in one half the normal time.

6-7-18 This letter introduces a picture of some friends.

6-8-18. Contains a description of mess kit and camp mess procedures.

6-11-18. Here, Dad gives a physical description of the Fort. Also includes a picture of one of their tents.

6-13-18. Dad talks about drilling, and describes the great numbers of soldiers at Ft. Riley. Includes a photo of a muster.

6-18-18. The Army plays "movie star."

6-21-18. An argument is settled with "the gloves." Also contains a picture of a boxing match.

6-25-18 Dad salutes a fly, and almost gets caught by the Captain.

6-30-18. A Lieutenant's wife steps on Dad's toes.

7-4-18. Dad talks about going on guard duty and suggesting that those he stopped share candy and eats with him. Includes photo of one of Funston's main gates.

7-5-18. This letter explains how to do your wash after "lights out." Also contains photo of portable mess kitchen.

7-7-18. Talks about the possibility of being transferred further away from home.

7-14-18. Talks of drilling on horseback.

7-21-18. Speaks of going to Junction City, which is four miles away, but takes 30 minutes by car (streetcar, I presume).

7-23-18. Describes gas training and includes some poetic verse.

7-25-18. Recounts information about a conscientious objector.

7-27-18. The "blues" are fought off while in charge of quarters on a Saturday night.

7-28-18. Dad swears off writing letters for other guys. Also describes severe dust storm.

7-30-18. Notice of a pending transfer is received.

8-5-18. Announces transfer from Ft. Riley to Camp Funston.

8-7-18. Talks about waiting for new group of recruits.

8-20-18. Guys in Dad's Company give him a hard time about letters from home. Includes a photo of some of the fellows.

8-22-18. Suggests Funston's rapid growth might be taxing the camp water system.

8-23-18. Describes a soldier that partied too much on leave.

8-24-18. Describes a parade review by Major General Leonard Wood. Also includes a picture of Dad and his buddies dressed for Parade Review.

8-30-18. Dad sketches his hoped-for itinerary for foreign duty.

9-18-18. Mentions practicing mock trench warfare.

9-25-18. Dad goes to school to become a gas instructor.

9-26-18. Provides a primer in gas warfare.

9-29-18. Influenza rears its ugly head.

10-6-18. Camp hospital is overrun with flu cases.

10-8-18. The epidemic continues.

10-10-18. The night nurse flirts with the guys and almost starts her own war.

10-12-18. Despite the epidemic, rumors of transfer still persist.

10-25-18 Dad is issued winter clothing, and reminisces about courting Mom.

10-29-18. A transfer seems imminent. Contains description of backpack. Also contains picture of Dad in full backpack

Undated. The quarantine continues and Dad begins to realize he won't be sent overseas.

11-11-18. On the road with convoy trucks in Frederick, Maryland. Recounts Armistice celebrations.

11-16-18. At Columbus, Ohio, still not sure of next move.

11-19-18. Orders are received to pick up more convoy trucks and drive them to Baltimore. Includes a photo of one of the trucks.

12-1-18. The company has bad luck with some of the trucks. Includes a photo of Dad and a friend in snow gear.

12-2-18. Still at Camp Holabird. Recounts seeing streets of Baltimore filled with crippled soldiers returning from war.

12-5-18. Back at Columbus, Ohio, hoping for a snowstorm so another trip to Baltimore would be impossible.

12-8-18. Still in Columbus, awaiting orders. Tells of a man going crazy in a neighboring company.

12-10-18. Still in Columbus. Recounts some unconventional "doctoring" for a friend with the flu.

12-17-18. Word comes of at least one more overland trip to the east coast.

12-21-18. On the road again in Crown Point, Indiana. Includes a photo of Convoy drivers.

12-30-18. At Wheeling, West Virginia. Dad breaks part of the shifting device on his truck.

1-3-19. At Hancock, Maryland. Describes beautiful winter scenery. Includes a picture of the trucks going through the mountains.

1-7-19. Finally at Camp Holabird. Talks about seeing trucks parked as far as the eye can see. Includes a photo of one of the trucks and a couple of historical photos of Camp Holabird.

1-16-19. Back home at Camp Funston, looking forward either to discharge or a pass.

1-19-19. At last! News of impending discharge.

1-23-19 This is a jpeg file (48K) of Dad's discharge.

Epilogue. As Paul Harvey would say, "the rest of the story."

Letters to other members of the family.

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