Life at Camp Funston

Letters to Other Members of the Family

5-29-18. A postcard written to his mother the day he enlisted.

6-2-18. A letter to his mother describing the check-in procedures at Fort Riley.

6-6-18. Letter to his mother. Recounts their being under quarantine until they receive their second shot of syrum.

6-11-18. Letter to his mother. Mentions large numbers of sunstroke during training.

6-16-18. Letter to his Dad. Says rather than being a sharpshooter, he is a "walking drug store."

6-16-18. To his Mother. Describes medical pack. Speaks of temperature of 118 in the shade.

11-5-18. A postcard to his mother. On the road at Kirkersville, Ohio. Recounts having to drive 2 hours in the dark because the trucks didn't have lights installed yet.

11-22-18. Letter to his mother while on the road at Richmond, Indiana. Recounts going to the factory to pick up their trucks.

12-2-18. A letter to his brother and sister-in-law from Camp Holabird. Talks about sending clothing home because he thought he was going to be shipped over.

12-12-18. Letter to his mother and dad from Columbus, Ohio. Talks of "creative i.d.s" for saloon privileges. (And today's kids think they invented this concept!)

12-18-18. Letter to his mother and dad. Still awaiting assignment at Columbus, Ohio and frustration is setting in.

12-28-18. Letter to his mother and dad from Kirkersville, Ohio. Knights of Columbus treat Dad's company to Christmas Dinner.

12-31-18. To his mother and dad from Uniontown, Pennsylvania (written on "Keystone Fire Company, Uniontown City Hall" letterhead.) His company was housed at the Uniontown Fire Hall, and he describes New Year's celebrations.

1-3-19. Letter to his mother from Hancock, Maryland. Speaks of difficulties of getting the trucks through the mountains with 8 inches of new snow.

1-7-19. To his mother from Camp Holabird, Maryland. Dad's company is lodged in summer tents in sub-zero temperatures.

1-16-19. To his mother. Back at Camp Funston and expecting to be discharged.

1-19-19. To his mother and dad from Camp Funston. Announces impending discharge.

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