Camp Funston, Kansas

Dearest 'Cile,

It has been about one hundred years since I have had a good chat with my love. I received your letter today and was awfully glad. Wish I could get about a dozen a day from you.

I am still keeping the fluzy boys company. We only have about seventy five patients now and hope to get rid of them pretty soon. There have been no new ones in for several days now, and the ones that are here are about as well as ever, it seems to me. I don't know how they are coming in the other hospitals though. The quarantine has shown no chances of being raised yet. Seems a long time to be caged up like this. Haven't been to town since the folks were up here. Sure am anxious for things to quiet down a bit so I can climb the C.O.'s frame for that long talked of pass.

There have been hundreds of boys taken A.W.O.L. since quarantined, but they all get off pretty light to what the "Medics" do. Looks like they figure we don't give a D. about home. Oh yes, they did turn the boy loose that I was telling you about being in the guardhouse for running away and getting married. His wife had a talk with the Major and he didn't have the heart not to listen. So you see, if I have to run away and come home, you may have to talk to the old boy yourself. ha ha Could you do it?

The big card game is sure booming now. They have a box of pajamas turned over on its side for a table and greenbacks and silver piled a foot deep on top. The M.P. is inside too tonight, for it's pretty cool outside, on his post. The moon is showing almost as bright as day. The guards can easily see a fellow slipping around tonight and he better have a pass.

It sure doesn't look like the war could last much longer now, does it? Don't really think it will be worthwhile for me to go across now as the worst must already be over. Guess I will send the President a telegram to hurry and dismiss Funston, for I'm darned homesick to see my little sweetheart. Can't stand it very much longer if they don't move me farther away than this.

Well, my honey girl, I am about out of paper and news. I must ring off for this morning. Worlds of love and kisses.

Charles L.

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